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    Jeff Allen on September 22, 2018

    Just weeks out of the opening on training camp, Minnesota T-Wolves star Jimmy Butler has demanded a trade out of Minnesota. Butler, who becomes an unrestricted free agent in July, has indicated that his preference would be to be traded to the Clippers but that he would also sign extensions if he were traded to the Knicks or Nets. Butler has been rumored to be unhappy in Minnesota and was thought to be on the move before the NBA draft but that never happened.

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    Several league sources have sited Butler’s unhappiness with the organization while other report about a riff between the players on the roster, in particular Butler and Townes. Both players deny there are problems but it is becoming clear that there is a certain amount of dysfunctionality on the floor and especially the front office and ownership who do not appear to be on the same page.


    Butler becomes the latest NBA superstar to force his way out of town following Kyrie Irving, Paul George, and Kahwi Leonard. Minnesota was thought to be the young sexy team on the rise with a mountain of young talent including Karl-Anthony Townes, and Andrew Wiggins. The Wolves made the playoffs for the first time in 14 years last year but their season appears to be circling the drain even before it begins.


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